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Conversations on Grief
Pratical advice for people who are grieving

This CD contains 15 tracks about the most typical aspects regarding the grieving process.

These conversations are suitable for those who has lost a loved one, as well as those who would like to comfort the bereaved. This will enable you to comfort those who are mourning in a practical and meaningful way.

The CD treats the following topics:

  • Death is difficult to deal with
  • People say "You must be strong"
  • There are no quick-fix solutions for mourning
  • Don’t worry, you are normal
  • People mourn differently
  • Words of comfort, though well-intended, do not always achieve their purpose
  • Deliverance and loss are often confused
  • The first challenge in your process of mourning
  • The second challenge in your process of mourning
  • Realistic memories are important
  • Conflicting emotions are also normal
  • Where will I find consolation?
  • Captivating images illustrating the transition
  • What becomes of our loved-ones just after they die?
  • Where do I go with my self-blame and guilt feelings?

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